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Peugeot 206

Peugeot 206 Peugeot 206

Peugeot 206

Prix: €4.000

Données principales



Peugeot 206 Group A

Power 200 BHP
Weight 950 kg
Year , orgine 2000 build in 2015, Never competition, Car is Brand New
Engine, 2.0 with high compression pistons with conrods, piston cooling by injectors, big valve cilinder head
Big valves, stronger valve springs, competition camshafts, bigger fuell injectors. KMS ignition module.
Engine Electronics, KMS ignition module, KMS programmeble ECU (not locked, so free for programming)
Hand made competition engine harness (loom/cabletree)
Body modified and lightnet. All paint has been of, to bare metal. (complete blank) painted in and out in white.
centre tunnel modified to take big seats (competition seats)
Sparco cromemolybdeen rolcage with FIA certificate
Fuel System, Standard fueltank (so not in problem with FIA date) with high capaity fuell pump and free flow filter.
All hoses Goodridge. fuel regulator and bigger injectors.
Suspension K&W competition fully adjusteble (no road set)

Homologation number (and all papers are there incl rolcage) A5604
Peugeot 206
Peugeot 206 Peugeot 206

Bmw M12



Bmw M12 engigne BMW M12 2000cc ottimo stato completo, albero motore seconda rettifica, pompa iniezione originale Elektron. adatto per F2 e sport prototipi. Testa già revisionata



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Fiat Bravo

Rallye Voitures


Fiat Bravo Motor 2.0 V5 2OV. Upravená řídící jednotka, sériová převodovka, samosvorný diferenciál, homologace FIA (sportovní průkaz), předinstalovaný držák GPS systému ONI, 4 sady disků Speedline a Compomotive (mokré pneu použitelné na závod, suché ...



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Bmw M3 s14 groupe A engine



Bmw M3 s14 groupe A engine for sale engine bmw m3 e30 s14 inclused dynamo papers 270HP inclused ECU and exhouste collector drive weel,clutch



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Dallara GP2

Voitures de Course


Porteiro Motorsport offers for sale: Category: GP2 Series 2.009 Chassis: Dallara Engine: Mecachrome V8 4.0 liters– 620 C.V Weight: 520 Kg ECU: Magneti Marelli Brake: Carbon Car location: Valencia (Spain) Shipping to worldwide. ...



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Renault Twingo

Rallye Voitures


Renault twingo r2 hola,se vende renault twingo r2 ex ruben gracia,alberto monarri y rantur. muy nuevo,sin golpes,intacto e impecable. revisado en agosto de 2013,se izo motor,pistones,bomba de aceite,de agua,retenes de válvulas,distribucion,casqu...



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Citroen C2

Rallye Voitures


Citroen C2 R2 Max MMG sell C2 R2 Max Citroën. Gone(taken) up by PH Sport and followed by Enjolras Sport. Revised and ready has to run(roam) in 2014. Kit is in hiding and asphalts. Several podia in challenge Citroën. 32000€ MMG vend Citroën C2 R2...



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