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Ligier JS 49

Ligier JS 49 Ligier JS 49

Ligier JS 49

Prix: €44.900

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Ligier JS 49

Oficial Ligier crash test.
Car in Very good condition only 12 race, new engine Honda rebuild
site: www.repettomotorsport.com
e-mail repettomotorsport@hotmail.it
phone +39 336 392194
Ligier JS 49
Ligier JS 49 Ligier JS 49

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All all The Turbobag was designed to protect, improve performance, and eliminate turbo lag while protecting other engine components. All turbobags is custom fited, and easy to instal. Available for all SUBARU, EVO, T3, T4, K24, K26 and others. App...

Ford Focus



xtrac 516 fully sequential gearbox from ex btcc ford focus touring car we are breaking 16 TOURING CAR GEARBOX ex btcc focus breaking for parts The P516 gearbox is a high performance front wheel drive touring car gearbox that was designed specif...



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Renault Clio

Rallye Voitures


Renault Clio R3 Vends moteur Clio R3 Evo 230 MSR Neuf Avril 2014 400Km EVO Bielles ergotées 250Cv Fiche de banc 229 CV 24,9 Mkg Disponible de suite teambssport@orange.fr 06 22 17 09 07



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Acura NSX

Voitures de Rue


One of the greatest sports cars ever made.Unbelievable condition.It runs and drives like a brand new car and feels phenomenal in all aspects.



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Here at Rude Motorsport we specialise in drift and race preparation. So here we have our modified hubs for extra steering lock these have been tried and tested on many diffrent cars with great results for our customers. We have also made there for di...

Ford Fiesta

Rallye Voitures


Car is in very good condition and ready to rally. Car has the M-Sport options like : underbody protection / side protection / led warninglights (oil press- watertemp- shift light ) / gear indicator / carbon spare wheel trade / carbon door panels / p...



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