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Peugeot 206

Peugeot 206 Peugeot 206 Peugeot 206 Peugeot 206 Peugeot 206

Peugeot 206

Prix: €5.500

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Sprint & Hill Climb Carsimg


Peugeot 206 2.0 GTI GR.

Peugeot 206 2.0 GTI GR. A Rallycar Completely new built 206 in 2012, 0km SS. -Motor-tuned by specialist -Handwelded-pistons -Larger inlet and outlet valves -Cylinder head modified -Competition cams -Oil Distribution adapted -Race Exhaust -Samco hoses -KMS engine management Now set to default throttle, larger throttle is possible -KW-top-range adjustable coilover -Uniballs front suspension -Heavy duty rear stabilizer Brembo front brakes with perforated discs 310 -Rear Brakes standard with perforated discs -Stack-dash -Custom-made harness -WRC welded rollcage -Dakinlaat -Trip Computer
Peugeot 206
Peugeot 206 Peugeot 206 Peugeot 206 Peugeot 206 Peugeot 206

Citroen C2

Rallye Voitures


Citroen c2 Citroen c2 r2 Motore e cambio nuovi citroen sport sadev 5 marce sequenziale ( dimostrabili con fatture e foto dei lavori) solo 20 km di ps 178 cv al banco motori dimostrabile scocca toora Ass boss terra e asfalto ricambi ...



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Seat TG.2-3

Go karts


Sedili Kart taglia 2 (32.5 cm) e taglia 3 (35.5cm),NUOVI. Morbidi, in materiale composito misto (Vetro+Kevlar+Carbonio). Particolarmente performanti in condizioni di scarso grip o gomma dura. NON sono una copia di IMAF o Tillett, sono stati riproget...

Bike engined car Quickshifter



Bike engined car Quickshifter Motorcycle engined cars performance parts. Full throttle clutchless up shifts & auto throttle blipped clutchless downshifts with many competitive advantages, Button or paddle operated electric gear selector kit see...



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Nissan Sunny

Rallye Voitures


Nissan sunny 1994 L reg nissan sunny gti white Ex-rac was built by andrew brown motorsport for james winstanley. Rac logbook How to build a rally car video of car being converted from road car. Fully acid dipped lightened shell. Full compreh...



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Nissan Skyline

Voitures de Rue


The car was repainted in its original color.Inside,it retains the original interior, with original steering wheel, shift knob, radio, flashlight, owners manual, and tools.The dashboard, door panels, trim, switchgear, and carpeting are all in very go...



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Toyota Celica

Rallye Voitures


Toyota celica carlos sainz limited edition toyota celica carlos sainz limited edition 4000 esemplari prodotti vettura omologata gruppo a cerchi rally motore carrozzeria perfetto cambio manuale possibilità di spedire la vettura in tutto il mondo ...



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